The Beautiful Life of Ami Shroyer


Ami Shroyer have two things which she values a lot in her life. These two would be the people in her life and her faith. In her childhood days, she have a lot of friends already and have a love for Jesus. Before she became a traveling singer and before she had entered the life of marriage and have kids, she already have the love for children and for people who sought the Lord have learned to love Jesus more. Here’s a good read about grief and loss, check it out!

She also grew up making adjustments and have gone to new places and met new people. You may also be surprised to know that she had skipped her high school graduation because she was singing instead. She have passed through the small valley town to where she lived before. It’s really no wonder why she had the feeling of traveling up from the valley to the big world because the place is surrounded by the Allegheny Mountains. She also felt that she need to explore for her to breathe.

After she had met Mike, she lived at home and then commuted to college. With both of them in the same town and surroundings, they actually had a mutual understanding and fell in love and Mike later on fell in love with the camp ministry. They were truly a beautiful match who had opposite strengths but they have the same passion to make a difference. The two of them were writers, but they have different styles. Mike later on brought a structure for his creativity and he partnered this with a spunk for his own methodical ways. Ami was actually impressed to this because it fits well and played like a soundtrack to where she felt safe and loved. After the addition of their two lovely children, Ami thinks that it was just too much happiness for her.

Ami became supportive to Mike because he had found his ministry passions. He even became brave to stepping out from behind the desk job of the church for him to live his calling with his personal difference that actually made ways. Their kids also have started to see bible stories which came alive from the pages with faces and names of people they served. Ami and his family also believed that God doesn’t just impact families, but her husband Mike could help other leaders who wish to know that there’s more to ministry than the other versions.  To gather more awesome ideas on doterra oils,  click here.

Ami really didn’t expected that the life she had today is what she have dreamed of before on what she would be. The things of which they poured to people’s lives in fact remained the same, but with more of the insistency and drive on what they have imagined before. Kindly visit this website  for more useful reference.


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